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Sami Yusuf

Date: August 25, 2012

Location: Beirut Souks

Event produced by 2U2C, Star System and Production Factory


Sami Yusuf, messenger of love and peace, performed live in “Beirut Holidays”, on the 25th of August at Beirut Souks.

Sami Yusuf is a British singer-songwriter, composer, producer and an accomplished musician.

From Iranian origins, he is British and now considered as Islam's Biggest Rockstar, and the most famous British muslim in the world.

Sami is endowed with a strong cultural affiliation to music; privileged with a musical background and having studied music with several renowned composers, including those from one of the world’s most prestigious music institutes – the Royal Academy of Music in London, music is his destiny was unsurprising a prediction acquaintances would so confidently make.
He bore the passion to etch a mark in the field of music, which he so indelibly did with the release of his groundbreaking debut album, Al-Muallim – an album composed, produced and sung by him.

A young, British-Muslim instantly became the talk of the town in lands as far and diverse as Egypt and Turkey. The album not only sold well over 3 million copies but also earned him a massive following in the Middle East, North African nations and South-East Asia.

The concert was a great combination of Islamic spiritual themes with popular music elements.

He mixed six different languages with a variety of ethnic instruments.

It was a great spiritual night.

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