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The Voice, La plus belle voix

Date: July 9, 2013

Location: Fouad Chehab Stadium, Jounieh

With the collaboration of Jounieh Festival and Star System


Lebanon was qualified for the tour of "The Voice, the most beautiful voice!" The eight finalists of the show which includes the talented Lebanese Anthony Touma, performed on Tuesday, July 9 at Fouad Chehab Stadium in the International Festival of Jounieh, in partnership with PHELLIPOLIS, Star system and 2U2C.

Participated in this concert: Emmanuel Djob, Sharp, Louane, Olympus, Nuno Resende, Lois, Yoann Fréget and Anthony Touma, who was able to conquer the heart of the Lebanese but also the French who gave him 60% of votes in the semi-final. They were accompanied by nine musicians of the show. The tour "The Voice Tour 2013"  lead these talents to many French cities such as Lilles, Amiens, Tours, Rouen, Paris before heading to Jounieh the only non-French stage.